Pintu Meena

An enthusiastic team player, creative and a programmer with strong knowledge of computer science fundamentals.

A logical and imaginative problem solver with self starter attitude.
I was introduced to a plethora of courses in the areas related to networks, operating systems, compilers and many more at IIT Bombay.


Smart development

Writes code program with an elegant design which includes designing of algorithms, data-structure, reusability of code and easy to integrate in other systems whenever possible, api access methods and features etc.


Quick Experience

Worked as a full stack developer,an embedded firmware developer for IOT things, android developer and algorithm developer. Managed and deployed multiple products using AWS publicly. Worked on server scalability and optimization with development.


Flip side

Extremely passionate about building something useful with an entrepreneur mindset.
Programming languages: C, C++, Java, javascript, PHP,lisp, Android Java, Python, Assembly(Mips) etc. web_asset @more at Personal Projects